Coming Soon - The Apex Guillotine Kennel Dog Door!

Posted by Kennel Doors Team on Feb 15th 2014

Coming Soon - The Apex Guillotine Kennel Dog Door!

Coming Soon, the Security Boss Apex Guillotine Kennel Dog Door!

Worlds First Automatic Locking Guillotine Kennel Door

Security Boss Manufacturing has done it again, creating a guillotine dog door pulley assembly that is attached to a tunnel and insulated vinyl flaps. This all in one kennel dog door solution saves contractors and architects time and effort, seamlessly specifying what is required for the kennel facility! 

Guillotine Doors were previously sold separately, along with "wall mounted" dog doors with tunnels to span the depth of your wall. Those wall mounted dog doors are typically designed for residential applications, while our commercial kennel doors can even be custom made to fit any application! Combining these two products not only will save you money on your energy bill, but will save you time and money not having to buy and install separate products. 

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