3-Sided Exterior Professional Kennel Door

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The 3-Sided Exterior Professional by Security Boss Manufacturing LLC uses a heavy duty stainless hinge with weather seal connection for the flap. This design works well for kennels that may house larger breeds at times or have anxious high energy dogs. The hinged flap design allows the flap to travel freely without any pinch point. This means your flaps will wear longer in diverse situations. Our heavy duty hinge also features a weather seal that minimizes drafts through the hinge.

The 3-Sided Exterior Kennel Door is made with a heavy-duty extruded aluminum, and has double reinforced mitered corners for structural strength. The flap is UV protected and has embedded nylon cords that run vertically in the material,. These flaps are also weatherized to prevent shrinking in sub-zero temperatures. Each flap has 1 1/2" long Alnico #5 magnets located on the sides that create a positive seal. (The number of magnets will vary depending on the size of the door being made). Both sides of the flap are also lined with heavy density brush weatherstripping to prevent any drafts. The flap length is 3/16" shorter than the sides of the door to minimize any scraping or wear due to movement on the kennel floor. The 3-Sided Exterior Professional doors are designed to be installed on the exterior side of the wall, allowing for full use of the interior mounted guillotine doors. When used together, you have controlled access along with unparalleled energy savings. Wall penetrations can vary greatly from facility to facility. Therefore our doors are custom made to the required dimensions.