Introducing the new Apex Kennel Door

Posted by Jessup Ritterling on Jul 19th 2021

Introducing the new Apex Kennel Door

Security Boss’s team has outdone themselves again, the Apex Kennel door is the newest aluminum kennel door on the market and the incredible insulating power and extreme security makes is by far the best aluminum kennel door available anywhere.

The Apex door combines Security Boss’s Exterior Kennel Door frames/flaps with guillotine doors, which were sold separately in the past, but now they are combined into one comprehensive kennel door that gives you control over your dog’s access, and the most insulating barriers all in one. Every piece of this premium door is hand crafted from the strongest and most durable materials, creating the strongest, best sealing, best insulating, best looking, and longest lasting kennel door available.

Our newest and highest quality kennel gets its perfect, windproof seal from the magnetically sealed set of vinyl flaps paired with high density pile brush, ensuring your flaps have a complete seal stronger than any other kennel solution and saving you as much as possible when heating your facility in the winter or cooling it in the summer. On top of the vinyl pet flaps, closing the security panel adds an extra layer of insulation for the most extreme of conditions. Built to last and look good doing it, this extra thick guillotine style security panel is the most secure option for kennel doors ever.

Installation is a simple process, from the door to the rails and even the included pulley system, designed to allow safe operation of the kennel door from a distance. Mounting the Apex kennel door is as easy as cutting the rough opening out of your door or wall and attaching the door, our design is self-framing, so no extra work needs to be done to frame or finish the rough-cut opening. The Apex Kennel Door is available for purchase with a single or dual flaps, the dual flaps are highly recommended for the best energy efficient insulating seal, if your kennel facility features an HVAC system only a dual flap Apex Guillotine Door will meet your facility’s insulation needs.

This amazing guillotine kennel door is available in a wall mount model (up to 10”) or a door mount model (thin application up to 2"). The wall mount version can fit any wall up to 10" deep, with an optional 16" tunnel so customers with deep kennel walls can also get their hands on the best kennel door Security Boss has to offer. This solid aluminum wall tunnel can be trimmed to fit your wall depth, we recommend using tinsnips which we offer on our website or an angle grinder to trim your wall mount tunnel down to size. The Door Mount Model is the perfect solution for kennel customers installing this door through thinner applications, such as a pole shed/barn, corrugated aluminum siding, doors, or any thin surface you want your dogs to be able to pass through.

If you have any questions about the Apex kennel door or its installation process visit our website or give us a call any day of the week and our customer service team will help you in any way they can.