Kennel Clad Dual Auto Locking Premium Insulated Guillotine Door

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Kennel Clad Dual Auto Locking
Premium Insulated Guillotine Door

'The Only Insulated Lockable
Guillotine Door on the Market'

The Kennel Clad Dual Auto Locking Premium Insulated Guillotine Door quickly became the most popular guillotine door due to a number of reasons. The guillotine panel's insulation value and unparalleled weather seal (top and bottom) is second to none. The integrated auto locking feature now allows users to secure their facility, without having to incorporate after market locking mechanisms. Simply pull on the cable handle to retract the internal locking pins (embedded inside the guillotine panel), allowing the panel to slide up and down freely within the aluminum side rails. Once the panel is closed, and tension is released from the cable, the retractable pins are reinserted into the aluminum rails locking the guillotine panel into place.

Kennel facilities with HVAC systems require an all weather guillotine door that provides top insulation and seal to avoid energy loss and utlimately expensive energy bills. This Premium Insulated Guillotine Door features a 1" thick dense foam core that is clad with 18 gauge aluminum, held in place with a custom "C" channel around all sides. If your kennel or veterinarian facility contains valuable items (expensive equipment, dogs, products, etc), then you can't afford not having a lockable guillotine door. This internal locking mechanism allows your facility to be secured to prevent intruders from entering (previously unavailable in guillotine door models).

This Insulated Lockable Guillotine Door includes heavy duty aluminum side rails are avialable in 48" or 69" lengths. There is a complete pulley kit included, featuring 15' of stainless steel aircraft cable, an S hook for operating the pulley system, screw in hook pulley assemblies, and tapcon screws with mollies for installation through wood, block or concrete walls.
Kennel Door Pulley System Illustration
The complete Security Boss line of guillotine doors are considered easy to install. There are only 3 steps!
Step 1. Mount the Side Rails (ensure the rails are parallel to one another, and completely flush against the wall)
Step 2. Install the Hook-Pulley Assemblies (one directly above the guillotine panel and one in line on the ceiling)
Step 3. Attach Cable to Guillotine Panel, Run Cable Through Hook-Pulleys, and Attach the "S" Hook
For Detailed Printable Installation Instructions, Click Here

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Security Boss Kennel Clad Dual Auto Locking
Premium Insulated Guillotine Kennel Door Sizes

Model Size
Maximum Opening In Wall
The Dimensions Listed Below are the Maximum Hole (or "Rough Cut") Each Size Can Cover.
(69" Rails)
14" wide x 29" height
17" wide x 29" height
Ex- Large
17" wide x 34" height

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Security Boss Kennel Door Warranty
Security Boss Printable Instructions

Close up of Hardware Packet Included with Each Security Boss Kennel Door
  Each Kennel Door Includes Complete Mounting Hardware:
2- Hook-Pulley Assemblies (Screws into wall and ceiling)
6 Tapcon Screws & Mollies (for installationg through wood, block or concrete walls)
2 Cable Clamps (secures guillotine panel to cable and "S" hook to cable)
15 Ft. 7x7 stainless steel aircraft cable (black PVC coated - 480lb. test)
1- Pulley System "S" Hook