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Kennel Door Considerations while building or Renovating a Kennel Facility

Kennel Door Considerations while building or Renovating a Kennel Facility

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When you build or renovate a facility you have to take a lot of things into consideration, like the products you’ll use, the design, the layout and maintenance. Everything that goes into the process of building a facility or renovating an existing facility can be overwhelming. Our staff won’t only assist you in the process, but we will give you peace of mind with our solutions and recommendations. We understand there is more to building a facility than just buying kennel doors . Our kennel specialists are dedicated to ensuring you are purchasing the best kennel door for your application. We take the layout and design of the facility in mind when choosing the correct kennel door .

Since the early days of ecommerce, we’ve been leading the industry by continuously raising the bar of what people consider a “kennel pet door” to be.There are many types of specialty doors for pets, but kennel doors are placed in a category of their own, because they are meant to be operated by humans. Kennel doors are used as barriers to control the movement of dogs. We have proudly introduced the kennel clad premium insulated guillotine kennel door. The kennel clad premium insulated guillotine kennel doors are built to withstand abuse while providing the best insulation and seal.The guillotine door features a 1" dense foam insulating core clad on both sides with 18 gauge aluminum sheets Then we introduced the world’s first dual auto locking guillotine kennel door . This premium door is the only one that features an auto-locking mechanism that secures to the rails.

Many times guillotine kennel doors are installed on the interior side of the wall to control the direct access of dogs out into their runs. This setup allows for an incredible protection against loss of heat in the winter and air-conditioning in the summer. The 4-sided and 3-sided kennel doors are designed to be installed on the exterior side of the foundation. This allows for full use of the interior mounted guillotine doors. When used together you have controlled access along with unparalleled energy savings. After combining the functions from our 3-sided and 4-sided exterior kennel doors we’re now introducing the Apex Guillotine Kennel Door. This hybrid kennel door combines the features of a guillotine and exterior kennel door, joined together with a tunnel to fit any wall depth!

We don’t just stop at kennel doors; we will supply you with all of your kennel facility needs. Starting with the Nelson 1400 series stainless steel feeding pan this will stop animals from tipping over their food dish. We also carry the Nelson Automatic Stainless Steel Kennel Waterer . This waterer will provide a constant supply of fresh, clean water and eliminates the hassle of manually watering your dogs. A foolproof float and valve mechanism protected by a stainless steel housing is designed and tested for years of trouble-free operation. Available with your choice of a right or left side water hookup.

From Kennel Dog Beds to Industrial Kennel Waterers, has you covered with our expertise and wide product selection!