Guillotine Doors

Guillotine Doors

Vertical Sliding Kennel Doors

Widest Variety of Guillotine Kennel Dog Doors, for interior or exterior use. Guillotine Style Dog Doors serve two purposes, transferring dogs from inside to outside, and inside to inside. 

Interior to Interior Transfer Doors do not require insulation, and therefore a non-insulated guillotine dog door would be the best fit. Interior to Exterior Kennel Runs require an insulation (R-Value) that matches the facilities, or you could be facing a dramatic increase in your energy bill, especially in extreme climates (hot and cold). Guillotine Doors are generally installed on the interior of the kennel building, and do provide great insulation, but this leaves the exterior exposed. We offer 3-Sided and 4-Sided Custom Kennel Doors to seal the outside hole, along with the new Apex Kennel Door that includes a 10” tunnel, creating optimal energy efficiency.


We offer Insulated and non-insulated Guillotine Doors to best fit each facility's climate control needs, along with lockable insulated guillotine door options to prevent unwanted intruders. The Lockable Guillotine Doors automatically lock into place when lowered, and do not require the user to enter the kennel run. The lockable kennel doors are recommended for kennel facilities with high value items (especially vet clinics, k9 tactical training facilities, pet hotels, etc).


*If you have dogs with chewing tendencies, please consider the Security Boss Bite Guard to protect the aircraft cable for the pulley system. We do offer replacement pulley cable, but over time it may be cheaper to purchase the bite guard!


Contact the Kennel Dog Door Professionals today to discuss the best kennel door setup for your facility. We provide free quotes and after sale service for all products and warranties posted on our site. is home to the only automatic locking guillotine door on the market!